Friday, 25 November 2011

KIA Facebook TV ad repeatedly features 'I Like...'

Tagging the end of a TV ad with a Facebook address is now commonplace.  As a result Facebook / Twitter addresses need to be more prominent on TV copy and ideally coupled with a call to action / reason to participate (if driving fan base is an objective of the campaign.)

The current KIA TV campaign has taken Facebook integration to a new level now.  Facebook Like imagery is incoporated into the narrative and displayed throughout the spot before the voiceover at the end clearly instructs viewers to join in on Facebook:

KIA TV ad - 'I Like It'
KIA 'I Like Unique'
KIA 'I Like Fun'
KIA 'inspired by what you like'
The KIA TV ad has been localised for multiple markets, the UK version is here:

(There is also a host of 'I Like' related activity across the different KIA Facebook Pages.)

The question now is whether this KIA Facebook ad is going to start a trend - will more advertisers aim for this sort of level of Facebook integration with their TV spots as we move into 2012?

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  1. Their TV campaign is successful. Some of my friends were fascinated by it.


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