Monday 21 November 2011

Nokia Lumia 800, DeadMau5 and Millbank 4D projection, London

Nokia will soon run a spectacular event in central London to celebrate the new Nokia 800 Lumia Windows phone UK launch.

Nokia Lumia 800 4D Millbank projection, London
The Nokia Lumia 800 event is a one-off which will see deadmau5 perform in front of London's famous Millbank Tower whilst 4D projections are displayed on the full length of the 120 metre building!  (Nokia claim this is the first time a projection of this scale has been matched with a live music performance.)

During the light show deadmau5 will be performing two new tracks that he has specially created to work with the Nokia projections and the whole event will be broadcast live online to  (It is also possible to win tickets to the event in advance on this Nokia Facebook Page too.)

The Nokia Lumia 800 deadmau5 London event will be free and visible to spectators on both the North and South sides of the River Thames.  Exact time is to be confirmed, but so far news of the event (coupled with the chance to win VIP tickets) has seen fan base of the Nokia UK Facebook page grow considerably.

This Nokia evening looks both spectacular and enjoyable. I'm sure it will drive large volumes of conversations - the trick though will be in turning the event echo and associated chat into measurable sales and loyalty...
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