Media is now defined using a framework of Paid Owned and Earned.

To explain this concept I have been using a graphic that defines Paid Owned Earned and shows how each area of Paid Owned Earned is linked:

Paid Owned Earned

Paid is the age old idea of paying to place marketing messages around professional content, a 'go here now' message.

Owned Media may be a new concept, but brands have always had Owned assets such as stores and packaging. The importance of Owned has increased through the possibilities to create digital Owned media content, from websites to apps to social network profiles.

Earned is no longer limited to the watercooler and small localised groups, word of mouth has been scaled through social media possibilities across blogs, Facebook, forums, YouTube and so forth that now offer anyone the ability to create, comment, link to or share.

The key to Paid Owned Earned though is understanding the way that the three different areas work together and integrated planning / execution across these three different elements can deliver enhanced marketing effectiveness. Nothing exists alone now. Paid can drive Owned which can then drive Earned, but there are many different ways with which Paid Owned and Earned can be linked - and this was the underlying concept of a presentation that I made to the IAA Digital Download conference in London (April 2011):

When we think about advertising and marketing today we therefore need to think about Paid Owned and Earned and have a plan around how different elements of Paid Owned Earned will join up...
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