Wednesday 27 October 2010

Advertising's Future Is 3 Simple Words: Paid. Owned. Earned.

There is angst in ad land over the complexity of media. (There's also endless angst in legacy media companies, but that story's been told and re-told .) Ad planners wring their hands, bemoaning the proliferation of media channels and the unpredictable ways in which "consumers" (as they refer to people) jump from TV to Facebook to text messages to Google to foursquare to iPods...and so on.

What's a brand to do?

Out of the chaos in the media world and the complexity of infinite digital channels, a new way of looking at media is emerging that is simple, useful and strategic. The latest buzz in advertising puts all media in just three categories: paid, owned and earned. But advertisers and everyone else struggle to make sense of that. So this is a combination how-to and how-come piece about those three categories of media and how they can vastly improve the way advertisers small and large approach advertising.


Kirk Cheyfitz in the Huffington Post argues that the future of advertising is all about Paid Owned and Earned.

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