Monday 27 June 2011

Owned Media - Skittles Facebook packaging

A regular question seems to be 'what's the best way of driving Facebook fans?' My answer is always 'do everything.'

If brands and people are serious about driving their Facebook base, then there should be a single minded approach that sees it promoted everywhere. Any place that would feature a web address should also feature a Facebook Page URL too.

TV ads act as a content gateway, so tagging TV ads with a Facebook URL is an easy win and the same applies to posters, print ads and the like. But what about Owned Media?

Facebook Connect offers the opportunity to integrate websites with Facebook, but this is a fairly narrow definition of Owned. What about business cards, letterhead and email signatures? What about the ultimate in Owned Media - product packaging???

If you go to McDonald's and order you will invariably have to answer one of two questions, either 'would you like a large meal?' Or 'would you like fries with that?'  They have got your attention so take the opportunity to engage you further.  The same principle should be applied to all digital marketing.  Newspaper sites offer related articles, Amazon makes further suggestions and advertisers should be following this principle to try and extend relationships - 'would you like fries with that' becomes 'will you Like me on Facebook too.'

In the UK Skittles are now promoting their Facebook presence at point of sale in retailers:

Skittles Facebook promotion at point of sale

The actual Skittles packaging then also promotes the Skittles Facebook Page:

Skittles on pack Facebook promotion

....and not only does the Skittles packaging promote the Facebook Page, but it also gives an incentive too 'follow our campaign on FACEBOOK & WIN.'

Will this work? No-one knows (Earned Media is unpredictable), but it costs nothing to promote a Facebook URL from Owned product. There is cost involved in running a Page and delivering the competition, but promoting Facebook from Owned Media packaging means that any incremental Likes effectively have an acquisition cost of £0.

So, do the ad promotion, do the outreach, but also harness existing Owned assets - use the website and digital presences and leverage the real world too!

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