Tuesday 16 August 2011

Facelook facial recognition - Coca-Cola Israel

Last year Coca-Cola introduced Real world Liking to the Coca-Cola village in Israel. Visitors to the Coca-Cola village could use an RFID bracelet to Like things in real life and automatically have them posted to Facebook.

This year the Coca-Cola village featured more new technology, a real world Facebook integration that was dubbed 'Facelook.'

The Coca-Cola Village Facelook facial rcognition Facebook posting app

Billed as a 'real life posting app based on face recognition technology by', the Facelook application enabled users to post comments and pictures to their Facebook walls using only their face as identification!

The Facelook Coca-Cola village video below explains how everything worked and also reveals that 'thousands of people used the Facelook app.':

Clever stuff!

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