Tuesday 21 June 2011

#myextrahour - Europcar link outdoor to Twitter and use hashtag on creative

A new campaign from Europcar to promote hire car delivery services has been built out around the concept of my extra hour.

The campaign is running on UK posters with the poster creative promoting the hashtag #myextrahour, asking Twitter users to tweet about what they would do with the time they save as a result of having their hire car delivered:

Europcar - myextrahour Twitter poster
In certain locations digital billboards then show a stream of Europcar car #myextrahour tweets.  JC Decaux's D6 network has been used and the new digital site 'i' on London's Cromwell Road will also feature the campaign:

Europcar's #myextrahour campaign on the Cromwell Road 'i' site

This is a nice example of Twitter in the real world and how Paid promotion can drive Earned conversation, with selected digital poster sites then being turned into Owned Spaces - again everything joins together and integration is the key to delivering innovative executions. 

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