Thursday 16 June 2011

TV as a content gateway - Paid Owned Earned and the UK Apprentice's Hip Replacement

The new media landscape can be defined in terms of Paid Owned and Earned, but all 3 of these are linked. Channels need to be thought about differently as activity in one area has the potential to see knock on effects in another.

A good example is how TV is changing. Broadcast TV can still be used to deliver a message, but it also acts as a gateway to content (Owned) and drives participation and conversation (Earned.)

The EIAA Mediascope 2010 research found that 36% of Europeans are using the internet whilst they watch TV. (Other studies have also identified this trend though the % figure varies.) TV can therefore push people online driving further interactions and conversations.

There have been various examples of how this can work in practice. In the UK, last night's episode of the Apprentice saw the candidates briefed with creating a free magazine. One of the teams decided to create a title aimed at the over-60's called 'Hip Replacement.'

This, and other suggested titles, soon became the subject of widespread Twitter conversations - so much so that 'Hip Replacement' became a global trending topic on Twitter (one of the top 10 phrases most used on Twitter across the world) - one trend blocked out to prevent spoiling for those who haven't seen it:

The @bbcapprentice Twitter account reported that in the UK various other magazine names discussed in the show were featuring highly in UK Trending topics:

This is not the first time this sort of phenomenon has been seen. In February this year, Howard Stern publishing a real time directors commentary on Twitter pushed people to watch an HBO re-run of Private Parts:

Last year ZenithOptimedia and Moxie Interactive produced a Trends video which labelled this trend the 'Amplified Present' and gave further examples of this being seen:

Furthermore, advertisers like Yeo Valley have found success through changing their TV strategy in order to maximise the chances of generating conversation and additional impacts through Earned Media conversations.

So the question becomes not about how best deliver a frequency of 3 through Paid Media, but how to deliver frequency through the combined use of Paid Owned and Earned. Broadcast / traditional media is able to deliver critical mass / volume audience for a message and with the right supplementary content and conversational mechanics, Owned and Earned media can then amplify it - more and more, the best returns are found in linking everything together.

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