Saturday, 30 July 2011

Facebook Places on the Swedish high street - McDonald's, Stadium and more

Location based services are being used by a number of retailers on the Swedish high street to offer loyalty bonuses and encourage Earned Media conversation.  This month H&M are offering 20% discount to FourSquare users who check-in and Facebook Places check-in's are being promoted at point of sale at both Stadium and McDonald's.

Stadium display posters at the entrance to their stores encouraging visitors to check-in on Facebook Places for a free gift:

Stadium (sports store) - Check-in with Facebook Places for a special offer
McDonald's are using their in store TV to encourage customers to check-in through Facebook Places to qualify for a buy one get one free offer on milkshakes:

Individual stores are even using handwritten posters at point of sale to encourage Facebook interaction(!):

Follow us on Facebook for lots of things!
This highlights 3 things. Firstly, that 'Owned Media' is more than just websites, it's any Owned property - delivery trucks, packaging and stores / point of sale. Secondly, it shows that Owned Media can be used to drive Earned Media. Finally, it again shows that Paid Owned Earned are linked together - Paid Media promotion gets people to the store, Owned Media encourages interaction that then (potentially) leads to Earned Media amplification and conversation.

It further shows that Facebook is not just a place for having conversation, but a platform that can be used in the real world for driving couponing / sales / upsell which in turn is then highlighted to the customers connections.

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