Sunday 31 July 2011

Chase and Status QR code poster

Chase and Status are headlining the UKF Bass Culture event at Alexandra Palace in London in November, but you don't find that out from their (fly)posters unless you scan them with your phone.

The posters have minimal information, just 'Chase and Status Live' and a date.  The rest of the image is a QR code which directs to which then automatically redirects to the event page at

Chase and Status QR code flyposter

Chase and Status QR code poster (it is possible to scan this code from here too)

To date I have seen posters with QR codes as one of the fulfilment mechanisms / tags displayed at the base, but I haven't seen many executions where the QR code dominates so much (though I found this QR code at Oxford Circus 2 years ago.)

The Chase and Status poster is (effectively) Paid Media with the creative and details provided by Owned Media content - the Paid Media aspect is just a portal to the Owned Media information (the theory that video and moving images sells the event better than words on fly posters!)  The intriguing thing for me would be to know if this type of QR code execution drives more recognition overall than a more traditional poster?  If you have to scan it, then you mentally process it to a greater extent than if you just had the opportunity to see / glanced, however, the number of people scanning (and actively processing) the code will be lower than the number of people who will see it. 

Is this the sort of creative approach that mainstream brands will move to? 

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