Thursday 18 August 2011

Social Media Brandosphere - Paid Promoted Owned Shared Earned

Brian Solis and Jess 3 have published a 'social media brandosphere' graphic that highlights five areas now - Paid Promoted Owned Shared and Earned.  The text alongside the graphic highlights that 'any combination of the five media strategies' can be used:

This looks pretty and highlights a wide range of the different options available when executing campaigns, however I personally still prefer using the three general categories of Paid Owned Earned:

- Paid (which can include everything from Broadcast to Paid Search to Paid Seeding to Promoted videos)

- Owned (assets from websites to social network pages to real world items like stores and delivery trucks)

- Earned (conversational marketing from sharing videos to Liking to advocating product virtues.)

Paid Owned Earned
The media trinity of Paid Owned Earned

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