Friday 19 August 2011

Live FA Cup football on Facebook at BudweiserUK Page

Tonight the BudweiserUK Facebook Page will stream live FA Cup football.  This is not the first time that Facebook has been used to stream a live event, in June 2008 RedBoxBlue streamed the first live gig on Facebook and other bands such as the Foofighters have since followed suit using Facebook to live stream events, but it is the first FA Cup football to be streamed live on a Facebook page - in fact the BBC write that this 'is the first broadcast of its kind anywhere in sport.'

BudweiserUK Facebook Page announcing the live FA Cup stream
The opportunity to stream the FA Cup match live on Facebook has come about because there is no broadcasting rights holder for the early rounds of the FA Cup and whilst the match will only be visible to Facebook users over 18, the live Facebook FA Cup stream will be visible to Facebook users around the world.

The teams involved won't be known to many, Ascot United v Wembley FC, but the live football Facebook stream is an interesting way of generating attention for both the BudweiserUK Facebook Page and the fact that Budweiser are sponsoring this season's FA Cup.  It also provides a platform for conversation too (an important consideration for Facebook marketing where regular conversational dialogue increases visibility and engagement.)

UPDATE -  Here it is:
BudweiserUK Facebook FA Cup Live stream

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