Thursday 29 September 2011

David Hasselhoff - no-one hides from the Hoff! (Personalised video campaign from Oslo City)

Oslo City in Norway have been running a campaign called 'Wanted In Oslo' featuring David Hasselhoff and yourself!  Executed by Neolab, users go to and have the chance to participate creating a personalised video that stars David Hasselhoff.

The Hoff has the role of tracking the viewer down through analysing various photos, information and location taken from the viewers Facebook profile and Google Maps / Google Streetview coordinates.

"No-one hides from the Hoff!" - my Facebook data being used in the Oslo City film

My personalised video (pulled from the Flash execution so sync is not perfect) is here:

This quality of personalised content is viral gold and I have no doubt that this campaign has spread far and wide!

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