Monday 24 October 2011

VW Beetle Canada Posters and Print combine with apps and augmented reality

The Canadian launch of the new VW Beetle has linked Paid Media placements on billboards and in print to Augmented Reality and a custom designed iPhone / iPad app.

The campaign functions in two ways.  The passive audience receive a message from the Paid Media display advertising, but the active audience are able to download a new Beetle app onto their iPhone or iPad.  Using the Beetle app, iPhone / iPad users can access a range of supplementary digital content that is laid over the real world imagery - creating a more impactful and more engaging ad experience.

VW Beetle Canada augmented reality iPad app
VW Canada have also uploaded video content to YouTube to show how everything works, encourage app downloads and allow app downloaders to engage with the VW Beetle experience directly from the YouTube film (meaning those wanting to participate don't have to be near an ad site or have a print ad execution open in front of them.)

Another example of how mobile can facilitate the easy linking of Paid Media offline with digital Owned Media content.

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