Monday 24 October 2011

Apple iTunes app store QR code concept print ads

More QR codes being used to link Paid Media (print) to Owned Media (the App store).  These QR code concept print ads by Stupid show how real world ads can be linked to app downloads - readers scan the ad and are linked to the relevant app store listing - executions have been created to show the potential for Instagram, Shazam and Angry Birds.

(These take advantage of the fact that QR codes can be 'designed' as a significant margin of error can be incorporated into a QR design meaning that different shapes and colours can be incorporated to make them more unique and appealing.)

Instagram QR code concept print ad

Angry Birds QR code concept print ad

Shazam QR code concept print ad

These concept print ads for the iTunes store were created by Stupid - hat tip adsoftheworld

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