Saturday 8 October 2011

Yeo Valley X Factor 2011 - TV ad hits Twitter trending topics

In 2010 organic dairy brand Yeo Valley featured prominently on Twitter Trending topics after running a full 2 minute (with rapping farmers) in the first TV ad break of the X Factor live shows (full write up here.)  For 2011 Yeo Valley have employed a similar technique of positioning a 2 minute music based ad in the X Factor live show first break:

The Yeo Valley ad for 2011 features a boy band of farmers called 'The Churned' with their track 'Forever':

In 2010 the Yeo Valley execution drove to search, telling viewers to 'Search Yeo Valley.'  For 2011 the Yeo Valley ad encourages viewers to go to Facebook (a sign of the times?) to sing-along and the Yeo Valley Facebook landing tab is configured accordingly.

Yeo Valley TV ad ending - driving to Facebook

Yeo Valley Facebook landing page

The first appearance of the Yeo Valley ad in the X Factor has again provoked significant conversation on Twitter, with Yeo Valley becoming the number one Trending topic on Twitter globally! 

Yeo Valley - number one on Twitter trending topics globally (click for larger / clearer image)

It will be interesting to see how the YouTube views and Facebook fan base increases over coming days / weeks, but the early signs are that Yeo Valley have again managed to maximise the impact of their ad campaign by fusing together Paid (X Factor placement), Owned (YouTube video / Facebook Page) and Earned (social conversation, especially on Twitter.)

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