Tuesday 11 October 2011

E4 promote GetGlue TV check-in service on screen during Made In Chelsea

E4 have hooked up with the GetGlue TV check-in service for selected programmes.  GetGlue is a mobile application that syndicates to Facebook and Twitter and in the words of E4 'it's all about letting your friends know what top E4 telly you're watching and when you're watching it.'

Furthermore, 'you can see what your mates are watching, chat and leave comments for other fans and share the stuff you like all over other social media.  Plus you can earn stickers and rewards.'

E4 are promoting GetGlue after each ad break before the programme restarts, showing an onscreen message encouraging viewers to 'check into Made in Chelsea':

E4 GetGlue TV trails promoting Made in Chelsea check-in's

The web address shown then leads to a 'GetGlue on E4' home page that gives details of the service and explains what it is all about:

GetGlue on E4 home page with check-in information
 Clicking through then leads to the Made in Chelsea GetGlue check-in page:

Made in Chelsea GetGlue check-in page

Various surveys have shown that high numbers of TV viewers use the internet and / or their mobile phones whilst watching TV and, for a service that is 'still kinda new over here in the UK', GetGlue integration is showing real promise (and no doubt providing useful real-time audience profile data to E4 too.)

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