Tuesday 22 November 2011

Blippar poster integration - NOW 80 3D content

The new compilation CD, NOW 80, is being promoted by bus stop posters across London.  The NOW 80 ad is a standard six sheet outdoor creative, but features some interesting things at its base:

NOW 80 poster featuring Facebook and Blippar call to action
NOW 80 poster featuring Blippar tag
The NOW 80 poster not only features a 'Find us on Facebook' tag, but also features a Blippar call to action.  Under a headline of '3D Special' the poster encourages viewers to 'download free blippar app and blipp this advert' - yet another example of using mobile to create a deeper experience around traditional paid for formats.

This is the first poster I have seen to feature Blipper - if there are any more out there I would appreciate a tip in the comments of this post!

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