Wednesday 30 November 2011

Jack Daniels Barrel Tree Christmas campaign [poster and video]

A poster at Highgate underground station tells the story of the Jack Daniels Christmas tree in Lynchburg, Tennessee - this is not a normal tree though, it's the Jack Daniels Barrel Tree made up of 140 barrels and covered with Christmas lights.
Jack Daniels Barrel Tree Christmas poster (at Highgate tube)
The Jack Daniels Barrel Tree poster states that 'this year in Lynchburg, the biggest gift isn't under the tree, it's the tree.'

The poster then tells people that they can 'see the raising of the Barrel Tree at' I can't find anything about the tree on the Jack Daniels Facebook page, but assume it will kick in once we hit December - the associated Barrel Tree video is already on YouTube...

Nice piece of seasonal cheer, interested to see how it's executed on Facebook.

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