Sunday, 4 December 2011

CK One Shock - #ckone - new pan-European TV ad features Twitter hashtag

Many brands have been using TV ads to drive their Always on, Facebook, Owned Media presence, however Twitter hashtags are starting to be seen more regularly on TV advertising.

CK One Shock - Twitter hashtag on TV advertising
CK One shock are running a Twitter hashtag ('#ckone') at the end of their TV ads across Europe.  This is an interesting development as the CK One Shock TV ad drives straight to conversation - join in using the #ckone hashtag. 

No waiting for the Facebook fan base / community to build, Twitter tagged TV drives straight to the conversation, which in turn expands the conversation and so on. The CK One Shock execution sees (Paid Media) TV driving straight to Earned Media discussion and this is perhaps a sign of the forthcoming media battleground!

The full CK One Shock 30 second ad (including hashtag) can be seen here:

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