Thursday 5 January 2012

IKEA sleepover - Facebook competition winners spend the night in store!

Late in 2011 IKEA UK's social listening efforts uncovered a Facebook Page named 'I Wanna Have A Sleepover In IKEA': 

I Wanna Have A Sleepover In IKEA Facebook Page

The IKEA store at Lakeside, Essex then decided to make this happen, running a Facebook competition where the 100 winners would be able to spend the night instore in an officially organised sleepover event!

IKEA Sleepover participants were allowed to choose their own IKEA bed linen, were treated to IKEA cakes / snacks and hot chocolate in the instore restaurant and were given an IKEA 'goody bag.'

Free massages and nail painting were offered, sleep expert Professor Adrian Williams was on hand to give sleep advice, Sam Faiers (from The Only Way Is Essex TV show) read a goodnight story and a film was shown before everyone settled down to sleep in their IKEA beds, inside the IKEA store!

Another example of how Listening can fuel initiatives that can drive Earned Media engagement.  The IKEA Big Sleepover also shows how existing assets (in this case the store) can be repurposed and used as a platform for marketing activity.

Hat tip the ever excellent Moxie Interactive Pulse blog.

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