Sunday 23 October 2011

Optimising real world Owned Media - Rastamouse DVD packaging links to web, Facebook and Twitter

Owned Media doesn't have to be 'media', it can be any brand owned asset including stores and packaging.  Many mass market products though (the majority?) are yet to harness the product itself to push consumers into a content universe through promotion of consistent URLs or social addresses.

This type of real world optimisation is gradually starting to become more evident (witness Skittles promoting their Facebook page on promotional packets) and Rastamouse, a UK children's TV character, is now using the box of his new DVD to push to custom mobile web content via a QR code:

Rastmouse DVD box with QR code
Rastamouse QR code close up (it works, try it!)
 The Rastamouse DVD QR code resolves to this address:

Rastamouse QR code pushes to this address

and then displays a Rastamouse mobile web page which hosts a series of further links - to social, commerce and custom content:
Rastamouse QR code mobile landing page (with Facebook, Twitter. Amazon links and more)

As more and more brands realise the power of linking everything together and using Owned properties to drive deeper engagement, then the idea of leveraging real world assets should become more of a feature of marketing plans.  Everything links together - it's not just about getting the TV campaign to work with Facebook and Google, it's about getting every potential element to align for maximum effect!

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