Friday 3 February 2012

Chronicle TV ad - YouTube and Twitter, but no Facebook? (and some flying people too)

Chronicle is showing in UK cinemas now and has accompanying TV ads promoting it.  The Chronicle ads drive to social spaces (Paid driving Owned and Earned), but are driving to YouTube and Twitter (with seemingly no mention of Facebook):

Chronicle TV ad with YouTube and Twitter call to action
Twitter hashtags on TV ads are becoming more commonplace and links to mobile are becoming more evident too ('Shazam This' and so on.)  Paid Media TV advertising is a crucial gateway to Owned and an important driver of Sharing and Earned Media and 2012 looks set to see significant experimentation across different calls to action.

*Also worth noting that events and stunts can drive Earned Media coverage too and Chronicle's 'Flying People in New York' has succeeded in generating a lot of coverage (5million+ YouTube views as I write this!)

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